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Bnp wants of Govt democracy, tolerance


BNP expects that the government will take steps to restore democracy and show its tolerance of dissident views to salvage near dead democratic system in the country.
“The BNP still hopes that the government will back from its repressive policy and the tactics to squeeze the “democratic space” and take real steps to restore free democratic trend and show tolerance of dissident views to save the fragile and dying democratic system,” said BNP international affairs secretary Dr Asaduzzaman Ripon on Monday.In a statement, he alleged, “the government has been snatching their human rights frequently although there is no emergency situation in the country and fundamental rights provided by the constitution are not suspended.”
The BNP leader condemned the obstruction of law enforcing agencies to carringy out political programmes at different places in the country to mark the 34th death anniversary of later President Ziaur Rahman.
“We have become surprised receiving so many complains from different units of the party that the law enforcing agencies have obstructed the BNP and its front organisations from organising social and peaceful programme like brining out rallies and distribution of cocked foods among destitute,” he said.
He termed showing such intolerance by the law enforcing agencies as unprecedented and condemned the authoritative attitude of the government. – Staff Reporter


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