Breast cancer management inefficient in Bangladesh: US specialist

Breast cancer management inefficient in Bangladesh: US specialist


It’s not lack of awareness or new technologies or tests, a former US cancer specialist says, but affordability, access, and quality of care are the challenges that women face in Bangladesh when they suffer from breast cancer.“Quality of care is particularly with respect to efficiency. Too many tests are done, expertise in medical oncology is very limited, and hormonal therapies are way underused, to pick three examples,” Dr Richard Love, who has a nearly decade of experiences in Bangladesh, says.He was speaking to on Friday on the sidelines of a conference on breast cancer in Dhaka, marking the month of October which is globally observed as a breast-cancer awareness month.Breast cancer tops the list among the types of cancer women suffer in Bangladesh. There is no national registry system to know the total number of cases.But Paris-based the International Agency for Research on Cancer estimates every year at least 15,000 new breast cancer patients add up in Bangladesh.Delayed marriage, tendency to take babies lately and not to breastfeed children are some of the factors believe to be responsible for more breast cancer cases.

Health Minister Mohammed Nasim, who inaugurated the conference, said free screening and tests for breast cancer would be offered in government facilities this December, marking the Victory Day.Dr Love believes most Bangladeshis with cancer die of this disease since “there are few places for them to get care, and often they cannot afford the care that is available; and the quality of the services is often not good”.He visits Bangladesh three times a year as a consultant at Amader Gram Cancer Care and Research Centre at Khulna’s Rampal upazilla.


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