Brilliant idea!

Brilliant idea!


Information minister Hasanul Haque Inu has been reported to have said said, “BNP wants not to participate in election but to grab power”. I really admire him for his excellent comment.
We read in newspapers that some BNP leaders could not submit their nomination papers due to obstracle from the members of ruling party and some are threatening BNP workers for withdrawing their nomination papers. Leaders of opposition are being implicated in more new cases.

For this reason many BNP leaders were unable to submit their nomination papers so without elections AL candidatess were elected in those areas.
Anyway, I knew that several times in the past some present day ministers were candidates in the national elections. How many times did they win they know better. People know the facts. Most of the time BNP won all the seats from Kushtia. So, I can say in the tune of the Finance Minister don’t talk rubbish. People do posess the power, not the ministers. People believe that BNP wants to restore the demcracy.


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