Bubly in Chittainga Poa, Noakhailla Maiya

Bubly in Chittainga Poa, Noakhailla Maiya


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Dhallywood actor, Shabnom Bubly, is finally confirmed to star in the upcoming Uttam Akash film, Chittainga Poa, Noakhailla Maiya. The news anchor turned actor had a verbal contract for the role opposite Shakib Khan about a month ago, and signed the final agreement on September 5, Bubly confirmed.

“I’ve signed the final agreement on September 5 in the office of the production house in presence of producer Selim Khan,” she said.

The other lead of the film, Shakib Khan, has missed the ceremony as he is busy filming Chalbaaj in UK.

Confirming the news of the agreement, director Uttam Akash, said, “Initially, we made a verbal deal with Bubly to work in the film about a month ago. But now she is officially a part of the film.”

While speaking about the story of the film, Akash said that it will be a romantic comedy flick.

“Shakib Khan and Mim are now currently working on Ami Neta Hobo, which is being produced by the same house. Shoot for the new film will begin upon the earlier one’s completion. I hope we’ll be able to commence the work within a month and a half,” he added.

However, Bubly, whose ancestors are from Noakhali, was born and bred in Dhaka and isn’t proficient in the local dialect of Noakhali. To portray her character perfectly in the film, she is now practicing the dialect, Bubly informed.

Starting her career as a news anchor, Bubly made her acting debut in the film Bossgiri with Shakib Khan, and since then the two have collaborated multiple times.


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