Bumper mango output expected in C'nawabganj

Bumper mango output expected in C’nawabganj


Mango growers and officials are expecting a bumper production of the most popular fruit in the region this year if climatic conditions remain favourable.Department of Agricultural Extension (DAE) office sources said, a total of 2.30 to 2.40 lakh tonnes of mango worth about Taka 900 to 1,000 crore is expected to be produced this year in the district.Deputy Director of DAE M Saiful Islam said, the temperature was favourable for flowering from the beginning of the season and accordingly the mango trees had a very eye catching look with adequate flowers predicting a bright prospect of the juicy fruit.Although, three nor’westers swiped over the area during the recent times damaged some mangoes but timely rainfall and good weather have reduced dropping of the fruit, he added.Mango, the main cash crop in the district, offers a huge business to different sets of people at different phases. The original owners sell their orchards for one to five years to the businessmen who take much care of the orchards so that they can have good flowers and sell them to other sets of businessmen at a higher price. In this way the business continues till marketing.Hazrat Ali, a mango trader of Kansat under Shibganj upazila of the district said, he bought six mango orchards and he would sell the orchards whenever he gets expected price.President of Chapainawabganj Chamber of Commerce and Industry Md. Abdul Wahed said, production of 3.5 to 4 lakh tonnes of mangoes is expected this year in the district and there would be a total business of Taka 1,500 to 2,000 crore at different stages.The DAE sorces said, in the district, there are 18,58,770 mango trees in which 3,32,070 in Sadar upazila, 9,95,900 in Shibganj, 2,37,400 in Gomostapur, 1,36,500 in Nachole and 1,56,900 in Bholahat upazila.Some 250 mango varieties are grown in the district. Of them, 40 percent Fazli, 30 percent Ashina, 20 percent Gopalbhog, Langra, Khirshapat and other good varieties. The rest are lower varieties of guti mangoes, the sources added.- BSS, Chapainawabganj


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