Cabinet to continue meeting after Oct 24

Cabinet to continue meeting after Oct 24


The Cabinet will continue to hold its regular meetings after Oct 24, the day the 90-day countdown to next general election begins, Cabinet Secretary Muhammad Musharraf Hossain Bhuiyan has said.

Bhuiyan said to journalists Monday’s Cabinet meeting was not the final one under the present government.

The 15th constitutional amendment mandates holding of the general election from Oct 25 to Jan 24, with the Awami League still running the government and Parliament remaining effective.

Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina had made it clear already that no policy decision would be taken at the meetings during the period.

“More meetings will take place. The government has not completed its tenure,” the Cabinet Secretary said, asked if Monday’s was the last.

Journalists wanted to know the purpose of the meeting if it did not have the authority to take any policy decision.

“The Prime Minister calls the Cabinet meeting,” replied Musharraf.

“To understand the government’s future plans of activities, the Prime Minister’s address to the nation has to be well perceived,” he added.

Hasina addressed the nation last Friday, amid opposition from the BNP over conducting the next election under her party. She proposed an all-party interim government but stopped short of spelling out who would head it.

BNP Chairperson Khaleda Zia has rejected the offer. Instead, at a press conference later on Monday, she proposed an interim 11-strong Cabinet, headed by one approved by both the Awami League and BNP.

A report on projects implemented during the incumbent government’s tenure was presented at the meeting.-


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