Cage fish farming succeed in Bangladesh's Pirojpur

Cage fish farming succeed in Bangladesh’s Pirojpur


Dhaka – The people of Dhawa and Harinapal villages, particularly women, in Bhandaria upazila have now become self-reliant through ‘cage fish farming’, UNB news agency reported.The government has undertaken the cage system for fish farming under a project, ‘Eco Fish’ in rivers of the coastal areas, aiming to improve the livelihoods of fishermen living there.
The USAID-funded project began in 2015 and will end in 2019.
Sazida Haq, an assistant researcher of the project, said the initiative was taken to ensure alternative employments for the fishermen as well as creating jobs for the women.
Ten cages were set up in the Kacha River in each of the two villages of the hilsa fishing community.
The women of these villages are farming ‘mono-sex’ tilapia in the cages.
They are also happy with the profit as they have succeeded in producing 400 grams of fish in 90 days. Each cage is six feet long and five feet wide.
Jahanara Begum, a community leader of the ‘Eco Fish’ project at Harinapala village, said they freed 6,000 tilapia fry in 10 cages and provide 25 sacks of meal and gained profits.
The women of the village have again freed fish fry in the cages from their profit, she added.
Anjira Begum, wife of Shahjahan, a fisherman of East Dhawa village in Bhandaria upazila, said the cage fish farming system is providing them with alternatives during ban on hilsa fishing.


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