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Campaign against attacks on Rohingya refugee girls


Dhaka, Oct 24 – Despite concerns being raised from various corners, no special awareness programme is visible in the Rohingya camps to help the children and young girls avoid falling victim to sexual predators and human traffickers. Rohingya girls, children and service workers are all are trying to provide and receive food, shelter and health services ignoring this ‘important and emergency’ service totally.
The children and teenage Rohingya girls are at high risk of being abused and exploited by sex predators, as human traffickers target them as ‘hot cakes’ for their job.
The problem is compounded by the well-documented truth that more than half the refugees who entered Bangladesh since August 25 are children and girls.
A group of people are looking for vulnerable orphans, children separated from parents and women for ” Survival Sex”, according to aid workers who shared that they had heard about the matter. They also stressed controlling the situation before worsening.
Survival Sex, human trafficking and exploiting teenage girls and children is nothing new in an influx like this. But it will be a horrible experience for them if no necessary steps are taken in the early stage to stop it.
The huge number of girls who fled to Bangladesh are desperately seeking their security of basic needs while sex predators and human traffickers use the situation to avail their purpose, aid workers added.
Especially, girls and orphans can be trapped easily by the desperate predators as it is a very easy situation to lure them.
Project officer (case management) of Save The Children Jamal Uddin told UNB “We are working on creating a network to provide guidelines to the separated children from parents. Almost 50 percent of the enlisted 900 children are girls. We help them find the right place as they can easily reach their right place.”
Non-Government Organizations and government bodies are busy with serving food, shelter and residence. Visiting different camps and talking to many teenage and young girls, UNB correspondent found a lack of knowledge about the matter, causing them to take the serious issue very lightly.
Assistant Director of Social Service Department in Cox’s Bazar Pritam Kumar Choudhury said, “We are just enlisting the orphans. We are waiting for the direction of the high officials.” – UNB


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