Capital Dhaka paralysed by heavy downpour

Capital Dhaka paralysed by heavy downpour


“Have to go to Dhanmondi 32 from Shankar. Where is the launch or speedboat terminal?”- says a Facebook post from a netizen of Dhaka city!

After a second straight morning of heavy downpour, Dhaka City seems to have transformed into the Dhaka River, with each waterlogged street or avenue in the capital acting as its tributaries. At least that’s what looking at Facebook would suggest.

While the torrential rains lashed Dhaka leading to waterlogging in many parts of the busy populous city, many were able to see the funny side of things on social media.

“Just crossed Shantinagar river”, “Is there any boat available to cross Uttara river”, “Any launch service available to reach Mirpur?”- Dhaka residents’ Facebook newsfeeds would have been, excuse the pun, flooded by such trolling status updates on Monday.

On the other hand, many were found more seriously enquiring about the condition of roads and if it was safe to go out or not. While many were deliberately uploading videos and photos to give live updates of the city.

The Met Office recorded 66mm rainfall in three hours starting from 6am to 9am on Monday, said Muhammad Arif Hossain, meteorologist at the Bangladesh Meteorological Department.

During that time, it also recorded 37mm rainfall in Comilla while 9mm in Khunla, 5mm in Tarash of Sirajganj, 2mm in Chandpur.

The worst affected areas include Mohammadpur, Dhanmondi 27, Karwan Bazar, Sobhanbagh, Panthapath, Green Road, Fakirapool, Khilgaon, Mauchak, Malibagh, Moghbazar, Motijheel, Paltan, Kazipara, Sukrabad, Shantinagar.

Just as the capital was getting ready to get back to its busy, crowded state after the vacation of Eid-ul-Azha, the torrential downpour crippled life as most of the roads of different parts of the capital went under ankle to knee-deep water, causing immense sufferings to the commuters and city-dwellers.

Commuters, especially office- and school-goers faced huge obstacles to reaching their destinations on Monday morning due to the waterlogging leading to the clogged streets.

Many of them were seen wading through ankle- to knee-deep water on the roads and by-lanes. Meanwhile, rickshaw pullers were found demanding 3-4 times the usual fare.

Rubaiyat Saki, a service holder, said she had to pay Tk50 as her rickshaw fare to get to her office, while the regular fare is Tk20.

“You don’t have any other choice than to pay the extra fare when you have to go to your office,” she said, in a frustrated voice.

However, despite the knee-deep water, extra fare, water getting inside cars, long tailbacks on the roads and much else, life for Dhakaites did not stop.

In the home of the second largest population of Facebook users in a city, people seem to believe – “if you cannot avoid the rain, troll it!”


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