China increases 'full' scholarships for Bangladesh students

China increases ‘full’ scholarships for Bangladesh students


China has increased the number of ‘full’ scholarships for Bangladeshi students as promised last year.In a statement, the embassy in Dhaka said in this academic year, 30 more scholarships would be given as pledged by Vice Premier Liu Yangdong last year.She pledged that the Chinese government would provide 100 more ‘full scholarships’ for bachelor, master and doctoral courses in the next three years.

China has been providing 162 full government scholarships to Bangladeshi students every year since 2013.Now 192 students will get scholarships this year.Beijing finds more and more Bangladeshi students studying in Chinese universities with the ‘development of bilateral relations.’Last year, nearly 1,000 Bangladeshis went to study in China under Beijing’s different sponsorship schemes.“China has become a favourable attractive destination for Bangladeshi students,” reads embassy’s statement.


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