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Common Khutba sent to all mosques across the country


Dhaka-Bangladesh Islamic Foundation has again sent a common sermon (Khutba) to all mosques across the country for Juma prayer urging their Khatibs and Imams to follow the sermon during the Friday prayer.Earlier, the Islamic Foundation sent a common sermon for last Friday’s prayer that created a debate among a section of ulema accused the foundation of imposing sermon.
The Islamic Foundation sent a copy of the Friday sermon to media saying that Batiul Mukarram National Mosque will follow the sermon during Juma prayer and Khatibs of all mosques could follow it.
When contacted Director General of Islamic Foundation Shamim Mohammad Afzal told The Independent that they have sent sermons to all mosques for next three Juma prayers so that Khatibs and Imams can follow it.
“It’s not imposition but Khatibs and Imams can follow it. We want them to see the sermon and inspired by it to find out the solution to the national problems in the light of holy Quran and hadith,” he said.
Shamim Afzal said sermon is prepared nationally in most of the countries and sent those to the mosques. “We will also continue to prepare the sermon by our eminent ulema and send those to the mosques throughout the year,” he added.
He said Juma Khutba Editing Council led by senior pesh Imam of Baitul Mukarram prepares the sermons.
The Islamic Foundation has taken the initiative after the gruesome Gulshan attack of July 1 to focus the stand of Islam against militancy and terrorism.-STAFF REPORTER


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