Composer Alam Khan critically ill

Composer Alam Khan critically ill


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Eminent music composer Alam Khan is undergoing treatment for his respiratory problems at the Samorita Hospital in the city.

Khan, who composed a number of classic songs for Bangla films, has been suffering from a number of health complications including lung cancer and heart diseases.

He was recently admitted to the hospital after he fell sick with breathing problems. He was diagnosed with lung cancer in 2010 and taken to Bangkok for treatment. In 2015, he was diagnosed with a heart blockage and an artificial ring was set up to get blood to his heart.

Alam Khan took lessons from professional and renowned artistes like Nani Chaterjee and Karim Shahabuddin. Khan along with his friends also formed an orchestra group called the “Ritu Orchestra Group”. He got his first break in a stage play called “Bharate Bari”, then he did some music direction for TV and finally films. The first film featuring music by him was “Kaanch Kata Heerey”.

Some of his notable works are “Orey Neel Doriya”, “Ami Rajanigandha,” “Daak Diachhe Doyal Amarey” and “Tumi Jekhaney Ami Shekhaney”, “Eki Jadu Korila”, “Haire Manush Rongin Fanush” and “Ek Buk Bhalobasha” and more. Alam Khan has managed to surpass everyone in terms of versatility and his music has left a magical impression on people of all ages and eras. His creations are a perfect blend of vitality and rhythmic serenity, truly reflecting his modest personality. He has composed around 2300 songs and provided music direction to around 350 films.


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