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Concerns among Bangladeshis in New York


After the blast in New York’s Manhattan Bus Terminal, there has been concern among the Bangladeshi people living there. The anxiety spread out when the police said that the detainee was a Bangladeshi. The person named the attacker Akade Ullah The 27-year-old young man, Brooklyn said New York Police Commissioner James and Neil A local explosion took place near Eight Avenue and 42 streets on Monday morning. After the explosion, passengers staying at the bus terminal and adjacent subway stations started a panic and started rushing. After the explosion, a police team of ‘low-technology’ was detained by police in connection with the detention of Akade Ullah. He also seized various types of his and the device from him.Quoting police, according to the New York Times, a number of US news agencies, Akayedullah is a Bangladeshi immigrant and resident of Brooklyn area. Since then, anxiety and anxiety spread among the Bangladeshi community.
Engineer Abu Hanif is running an Information Technology Training Center in New York for a long time. He said, naturally, the scandal spread throughout the community. In those places where the Bangladeshi population is more crowded, after the explosion, the gap has decreased. Also, those who have legal papers and process of citizenship are also scared. Those who are illegally uncompetitive but have applied for papers, they are all worried. All of us are in the danger of the fact that the impact of this incident can be effected on the preparation of validation papers.
Hanif also said that such incident in US President Donald Trump’s anti-immigrant policy naturally creates concern. All of the Bangladeshi community unanimously say that although the attacker is a ‘Bangladeshi immigrant’, he does not represent Bangladesh in any way. The community leaders think that his punishment should be punished.
Journalist Lavlu Ansar from New York said that Akade Ullah would have been in Brooklyn area of Brooklyn. His house is now surrounded. Akade Ullah worked in an electrical goods store and was known to have made the bomb there – From Mahfuzur Rahman


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