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Confusion over Hasina-Trump conversation


New York – There has been confusion in the media about the discussion between Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina and President Donald Trump about the ongoing Rohingya crisis in Bangladesh. The Prime Minister mentioned in an interview with Reuters that there was no talk about the Rohingya crisis.But after meeting them, Foreign Secretary Shahidul Haque mentioned in the press briefing that the two of them talked. There have been many confusing reports published through the local and the foreign press.
The conversation took place at the United Nations Headquarters on Monday, at the side event, “United Nations reform, management, security and development”. Then Foreign Secretary Shahidul Haque said at a press briefing, “Donald Trump told Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina that the United States will look at how to solve the Rohingya crisis. ‘
Regarding Hasina-Trump Discussion, Foreign Secretary Shahidul Haque said, “The President of the United States said, we are with you on the issue of Myanmar. And you’ve got it can be resolved. He also wanted to know the issues related to the economy of Bangladesh. At this time, Sheikh Hasina expressed her happiness by saying ‘doing good’.
Shahidul Haque said that after the high-level meeting on reforms in the United Nations, Sheikh Hasina came the side-by-side with the trump
After talking to Trump about Rohingya refugees on Monday, Sheikh Hasina told Reuters journalist Michel Nicolas that after leaving the meeting she stopped the trump for a few minutes. Sheikh Hasina said, “I say, Bangladesh is in a very good condition. But our only problem is refugees from Myanmar. But Trump did not comment on refugees. ‘
Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina does not expect US President Donald Trump to help Bangladesh on any issues related to the Rohingya crisis. Trump has made the idea of refugees self-reliant. In this regard, the news media and foreign media continue to carry misleading news. – Mahfuz Adnan from New York


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