Control diabetes with natural food diet

Control diabetes with natural food diet


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When blood sugar levels of a person rise than normal, he is said to be a diabetic. Diabetes is on full rise. Though nutritional diet is not a cure for diabetes, but food plays an important role in controlling blood sugar levels.

Green leafy vegetables – Green leafy like spinach, lettuce, cabbage are healthy and low carb food. They may reduce type 2 diabetes because of high concentration of polyphenols and vitamin C both of which have antioxidant properties. Their high magnesium content and low glycemic index also make them valuable for diabetics.

  1. Soya – Soya is a healthy low fat source of protein having no cholesterol. It is high in fibre, vitamin B, potassium and essential amino acids. It is the only plant protein that has the same protein quality as eggs or meat. It provides a concentrated source of compounds called isoflavones. These compounds offer potential benefits for individuals with diabetes. Type two diabetes increases the risk of heart disease also. Soya helps to prevent them too.


  1. Zucchini – Zucchini is a good source of fibre content that lowers the cholesterol levels and aids in weight loss. Rich source of folate, vitamins, minerals, protein and high content of omega 3 fatty acids makes it an excellent choice for diabetics, regulating blood sugar levels.


  1. Raw food – Raw food means to eat plant food in its natural state. Cooking destroys the nutritional benefits like vitamins, phytonutrients and enzymes. The uncooked food is more wholesome for the body and hence aids in weight loss. Blood sugar levels drop with the decrease in body weight. Raw food also improves the glycemic control which is beneficial for diabetics. These food include cucumber, tomato, pumpkin, avocados, carrots, radish etc. These fruits are less sweet than the regular fruits and full of variety of nutrients like proteins and vitamins. Fruits like melons and strawberries are less sweet and full of fibre and nutrients. They are delicious option to satisfy your craving for sweets consuming very less carbs.


  1. Low fat or fat free cottage cheese – Cottage cheese is one of the best cheese choices for the diabetes patients. They are low in carb and rich in protein. It is a healthy diet which you can enjoy but with portion control. Two ounces of cottage cheese per day is sufficient for an individual with diabetes.


  1. Olive oil – Good quality olive oil lowers the risk of type two diabetes. It contains important vitamins, nutrients and high amount of antioxidants. Also rich source of monosaturated fats, it is good for diabetes.


  1. Low fat or no fat yogurt – If you are diabetic, stick to a no fat or low fat yogurt only. Rich in calcium, it’s one serving a day reduces the risk of type two diabetes by 17 percent.
  2. Oily cold water fish – Health experts say that every individual with or without diabetes should consume more omega 3 fatty acids in their diet. The richest dietary source of omega 3 fatty acids is oily cold water fish also known as fatty fish such as salmon, mackerel, sardines and herring. These fishes contain important vitamins, minerals, protein and healthy fat. They are low in saturated fats. Diabetes gets better by eating these fishes. Also their consumption is important for cardiovascular health because diabetics are at increased risk for developing heart disease.


  1. Eggs – Eggs can be enjoyed by the diabetics as a healthy balanced diet. Eggs have many nutrients such as lutein and biotin which are important for insulin production and fight against disease.



  1. Whole grain – Whole grain are low in calorie and are real fibre. Though fibre is also a carbohydrate, but your body can’t break it down. It means you don’t digest fibre. Thus it aids in controlling blood sugar levels and cholesterol. It also helps in digestion process and makes you feel full that stops you consuming those extra calories.


  1. Water – Water does not have any calories or sugar. It is considered as the best drink. You can always make this water tasty by adding some healthy flavours like lemon, green tea or cinnamon. Plenty of water intake is a healthy solution to reduce sugar impact in your diet. A study shows people drinking more water are less likely to develop type two diabetes than the people drinking less water.


  1. Sprouts – Sprouts do not contain the ultimate glycemic load. Rather they contain vitamin B, vitamin C, vitamin k, protein and a number of minerals. Diabetics should incorporate sprouts in their daily diet to control sugar levels.

It is never late to make a positive change. If you will start eating these wholesome foods, you will lead a healthy long life by controlling weight and blood sugar levels. Prepare a diabetic friendly food having best taste and pleasure in a healthy way. Plan your meals around nutrient dense foods.


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