Court sentence 13 years jail,Khoka alleged its political punishment

Court sentence 13 years jail,Khoka alleged its political punishment


Former city mayor and BNP leader Sadeque Hossain Khoka yesterday termed the court sentence as “lopsided” and hoped that he would get justice from the higher court.
“The verdict was handed down to me in a hurry just to humiliate and harass me politically,” he said while talking to reporters over telephone from New York where he is staying for treatment

He alleged that he was a victim of misuse of law and he was not given any chance to defend himself.

The former Dhaka City Corporation (DCC) mayor’s comments came hours after the court verdict that sentenced him to 13 years imprisonment and attachment of his property.

Khoka said he went to New York after obtaining bail permission from the higher court. “Now, I am staying there for treatment of cancer in kidney as doctors suggested me to take non-stop treatment,” he added.

He regretted that he had submitted necessary papers and documents before the special judge court through his lawyers but the court did not take it in its cognizance.

The former city BNP president further alleged that the court did not allow his lawyer to stand to defend him.

“The verdict was hurriedly delivered and given punishment for my political identity,” he alleged.

He said the case was filed at a time of abnormal political situation in the country.

Replying to a question, he claimed that he has no illegal property and whatever property he has he owns are all tax cleared.

“I will face the court verdict as per law of the land and hope that I will get justice,” he said.

Meanwhile, BNP spokesperson Dr Asaduzzaman Ripon at a press briefing at party central office also alleged that Sadeque Hossain Khoka was sentenced with a political motive.

“The verdict was given hurriedly in a bid to tarnish the image of Khoka and to keep him out of the politics and election,” he said.

Ripon said in the eyes of law it will be cited as a bad precedent.

“Although Khoka was staying abroad with permission of the higher court he was shown as a fugitive fro the law which is a bad precedent and illegal,” he added.-News Desk


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