Cyclone Roanu crosses, swamps Bangladesh coast, 25 killed

Cyclone Roanu crosses, swamps Bangladesh coast, 25 killed


Dhaka – At least 25 people, including 12 in Chittagong, were killed and over a 100 others injured as cyclonic storm ‘Roanu’ battered the country’s coastal districts before it weakened into a land depression on Saturday.
Of the dead, three each were reported from Noakhali and Bhola and Cox’s Bazar and one each from Patuakhali and Laxmipur districts.
Besides, four people went missing as two sand-laden cargoes sank in the Meghna River in Ilisha of Bhola’s Sadar upazila during the heavy rains in the morning, said officer-in-charge of Sadar Police Station Khairul Kabir.
Several hundred houses, business establishments and shops were damaged while many trees and electric poles uprooted, ponds and fish enclosures washed away and several lakhs of people got marooned due to flood triggered by the storms in different coastal districts.
The power distribution system was seriously disrupted in the cyclone-hit areas of Chittagong, Comilla and other coastal districts, as a number of electric poles were uprooted there and electric wires damaged.
According to the latest Met Office bulletin, the cyclone storm ‘Roanu’ moved northeastwards further and crossed Barisal-Chittagong coast near Chittagong at about 5pm on Saturday and weakened into a land depression by giving precipitation.

As it sailed away towards the north eastern Indian state of Assam the storm was weakened leaving heavy rains that triggered flash floods over the Maulvibazar and Sylhet regions with on rush of water rolling down the hills, sweeping away homes and crops, reports said.
Meteorological department sources said, it rose to a peak of 100 km per hour in gust at about 12-40 pm yesterday when it made the first landfall at Patenga, Chittagong after roaring off the west central Bay of Bengal packing a wind of 62km per hour rising to 88kmph in gust.
Before it struck the coastline the authorities had tolled alarms with Cyclone Preparednesss Programme (CPP) volunteers along with those from the Red Crescent Society, scouts, local Awami League and its allied organisations shepherding about Five lakh people from 14 coastal districts to 3500 Cyclone shelters, Mofazzal Hossain Choudhury Maya,minister for disaster management and relief told reporters in the capital yesterday.
Explaining the preparations to combat the effects of Roanu, codenamed with a Maldives word, meaning twisted coir ropes, the minister said, all out preparations were taken well ahead of the storm as it approached the Bangladesh coast.
He said, Taka four lakh cash relief for each of the 14 districts and 2000 tonnes of rice have been allocated for the affected people of the areas. \
Maya said, Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina inquired about the preparations by the government upon her return from Bulgaria early yesterday.
Meanwhile, in six hours, between 6am till 12 noon, Khepupara recorded the highest 77m of rains followed by 48mm in Dhaka city and 39mm over the port city of Chittagong, the Met Office sources said.
The rains accompanied high waves and surges driven by the winds inundated many coastal areas.
In Dhaka low lying areas of the city were flooded because of its poor drainage system unable to cope with such heavy precipitations. Down from Shantinagar to Mirpur it was the same story making it difficult for the people on the weekend to negotiate the streets with scanty transports other than rickshaws in preparations for the shopping for the holy Shab-e-Barat on Sunday.
However, the rains stopped in the afternoon as the storm left the country’s sky sailing with its bales of clouds.
Met Office sources said, more rains are expected
In Chittagong: four people including two children were killed in the district due to strong wind.
In Sitakunda upazila Kajol Begum and her son Belal Hossain died on the spot as their houses collapsed during heavy rain in a hilly area at Salinpur.
An 11 year old child was killed as he was hit by a stone falling from an under-construction building in Sholashahar area due to the strong wind. Another child Rakib was killed at Paslaish area of the city.
In Bhola, four people went missing as two sand-laden cargoes sank in the Meghna River in Ilisha of Sadar upazila during the heavy rains in the morning, said Khairul Kabir, officer-in-charge of Sadar Police Station
Residents of Tamujuddin Upazila said strong winds damaged over three hundred shops in the local market.
In Cox’s Bazar, two people were killed in Kutubdia coastal area. AKM Fazlul Haq, 52, died after being injured while getting down from a fishing trawler during the stormy weather while Md Ikbal, 26, died as his house collapsed during the storm.
In Patuakhali, 50-year-old woman, Naya Bibi, was killed as her house collapsed during the storm at her village under Dashmina upazila in the early morning yesterday. In Kolapara and Dashmina upazila 30 villages were flooded as dam collapsed.
Till filing of the report there is no electricity in Barishal city since 24 hours from Friday afternoon to yesterday that led people to immense drinkable water crisis.
In Noakhali, at least three people were killed in Hatiya Upazila in the district for the cyclonic storm yesterday.
The deceased were identified as Mafuza Begum 53 of Jasmera union, Minera Begum, 38 and Ruma, 8, of Chandani union under Hatiya upazila.
In Laxmipur, a man was killed at the Sadar upazila. The deceased was Anwar Ullah, 40, son of late Bashirullah of Tarubganj. – Staff Reporter


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