David Bowie's Will

David Bowie’s Will


David Bowie had specific plans for his $100 million fortune after he passed away. His beloved wife Iman will get the bulk of the estate with nearly half, but where is the remaining $50 mil going? We have the reported answer, right here.After David Bowie tragically passed away on Jan. 10, attention turned to his immense $100 million estate. Well, we may have found the answer to where it will all go. His wife of nearly 16 years Iman will take almost half, but what about the rest?

The whole world was absolutely devastated to lose rock n roll legend David, but once the mourning subsided, people began to wonder what would happen to his immense wealth. Well, we may have the answer. Documents obtained by New York Post’s Page Six allegedly say that nearly half – the largest chunk – of David’s fortune including their home in Manhattan would go to his beloved wife of almost 16 years, Iman. But that’s to be expected. What’s interesting is where the rest of it will go.Iman and David’s daughter, Alexandria, will get the second largest chunk of the deceased musician’s estate, receiving his Ulster County home in upstate New York. She will be sharing the remainder of the wealth with David’s son with Mary Angela Barnett, film director Duncan Jones.
source:Hollywood Life


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