Death toll of swine flu rises to 10 in Myanmar

Death toll of swine flu rises to 10 in Myanmar


Three more people died of seasonal influenza A/H1N1-2009, also known as swine flu, in Myanmar’s Yangon, bringing the death toll since the influenza broke out days ago to 10, the Myanmar News Agency reported Monday.

The victims are out of 44 patients suspected of carrying the deadly virus.

The Infectious Disease Control Branch of the Ministry of Health and Sports is adopting a program based on expert analysis of the infection and future possibilities.

The ministry called for strict observance of its directives and announcements to mitigate the infection rate of the disease.

Meanwhile, authorities have decided to postpone a popular religious festival, the Taung Byone festival, which is scheduled for July 31 to Aug. 7 in Mandalay region, till the seasonal influenza is under control.

About 100,000 people visit the festival daily, raising concerns for such a huge crowd gathering while the H1N1 is spreading fast among people, reports Xinhua , Yangon.


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