Delhi to help Dhaka bring back 'stability'

Delhi to help Dhaka bring back ‘stability’


Dhaka – India will extend its support to Bangladesh in brining back ‘stability ‘in the country, said an Indian diplomat in Patuakhali on Saturday, Unb news agency reported.
Since Bangladesh is their close neighbour, India’s supporting hand will always be there, said Rajesh Uike, first secretary (political and information) at the Indian High Commission in Dhaka.He made the remark while talking to reporters at the district Circuit House mentioning that the United Kingdom and the European Union have already assured Bangladesh of their support at this ‘instable’ satiation in Bangladesh.
Commenting on secret killings, the diplomat said they believe that the government will take proper steps in this regard, and reiterated that the fear that exists among minorities will soon be removed.
He also said they will launch a visa camp in Barisal next year to ease visa process further.
At a function on Friday, Rajesh said Bangladesh government, especially Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina, will be able to bring back ‘stability’ in the country curbing such covert killings with an iron hand.
Four people, including a senior police officer’s wife and members of the Hindu community have been killed this month in similar attacks by suspected militants.


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