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Dhaka assessing ties with Islamabad: FM


Dhaka – Foreign Minister AH Mahmood Ali on Sunday termed Pakistan’s denial mood on genocide and crimes against humanity committed during the 1971 War of Liberation as ‘laughable’, and mentioned that they are assessing the relations with Pakistan and thinking of probable steps.
“We’ve seen their reactions and we’re evaluating those and our relations with them (Pakistan). We’re also thinking of what needs to be done. But, the entire thing is a continuous process,” he said while addressing a discussion in the city.
The Foreign Minister said former Pakistan President Pervez Musharraf sought ‘apology’ for the mass killing though the language was not tough enough. He said the Hamoodur Rahman Commission report also contained what they (Pakistan) did during the War of Liberation. “It’s nothing but a funny matter if they now say this (denial) way and claim that they did nothing.”
Ekattorer Ghatak-Dalal Nirmul Committee arranged the discussion titled ‘Bangladesh-India Relations on Sandstone of Time’ with Committee Adviser Justice Syed Amirul Islam in the chair.
Speaking as the chief guest, Mahmood Ali said Bangladesh could bring ‘December 16’ and with the same spirit Bangladesh will be able to handle the ‘troublemakers’ who are carrying attacks here and there.
“We’ve to be successful. Otherwise they (troublemakers) will destroy everything. We won’t allow them to do so. We need to remain united. We have to work keeping brain cool,” he said.
Referring to recent attacks before and after the executions of two top war criminals – SQ Chowdhury and Ali Ahsan Mohammad Mojaheed, Mahmood Ali said all the attackers will have to be booked. “The good thing is that they’re being held gradually.”
On Bangladesh-India relations, the Foreign Minister said the relations not only reached to a newer height. There have been ‘qualitative’ changes, too.”
Describing various aspects of the relations, he said, “The relations are so deep that can’t be destroyed.”
Pointing finger at the lobbyists of ‘notorious’ war criminals SQ Chowdhury and Mojaheed, he said they could gain nothing even spending huge money to halt the trial and their executions. “They could not raise public opinion against the trial of war criminals internationally.”- UNB


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