Dhaka Police file 3000 cases: Fine vehicles Tk 1.5 million

Dhaka Police file 3000 cases: Fine vehicles Tk 1.5 million


Dhaka– Traffic Department under Dhaka Metropolitan Police (DMP)  filed 2921 cases and collected fines amounting to Tk 15.46 lakh (over 1.5 million) during the daylong drive against traffic rules violators in the capital on Friday.Besides, 30 vehicles were dumped and 510 other vehicles were put on the wrecker during the drive.Sources at the DMP said traffic police filed cases against vehicles for various charges, including violation of traffic rules, using hydraulic horn, beacon light, dark-tinted glass, as well as for plying their vehicle on the wrong side of the road.

Among the cases, 205 cases were filed for plying the vehicles on the wrong side of the road, 24 for using hydraulic horns, four for beacon light and 13 microbus for using dark-tinted glass.

Besides, cases were also filed against 992 motorcycles for violating traffic rules and 49 other motor cycles were detained during the time, said Deputy Commissioner (Media) of the DMP Masudur Rahman.

He said 12 cases were filed in connection with talking over mobile phones during driving vehicles.The Traffic Department of the DMP conducted special drive as part of its routine initiatives, he said.UNB


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