Dipjol to return home after 51 days

Dipjol to return home after 51 days


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Actor and producer Monowar Hossain Dipjol  has returned to Bangladesh from Singapore following his treatment after 51 days on November 9. According to his daughter, Oliza Monowar, his health has improved and is slowly getting back to his regular self.

Dipjol was taken to Singapore General Hospital on September 25, where three rings were placed in his blocked arteries in the heart, followed by an open heart surgery a few days later. His daughter told the press that her father’s open heart surgery went successfully and hopes he will get back to his normal life with everyone’s prayers.

She also said that her father’s health is improving and so he could return back to Bangladesh. Dipjol will return to Dhaka along with his family members.

On the other hand, the actor is healthy enough to get out of the hospital and visit the nearby beach on a regular basis.

Dipjol had a heart attack on September 20 and was rushed to Dhaka’s Labaid hospital’s Coronary Care Unit (CCU). The doctors confirmed some blocks in his heart, while his lungs were filled with fluid (Pulmonary edema).

He was under the care of Dr. Boren Chakrabarty in Dhaka, then later shifted to Singapore for further treatment.



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