DMP prohibits rallies in capital, keeps BNP office under siege

DMP prohibits rallies in capital, keeps BNP office under siege


The Dhaka Metropolitan Police (DMP) on Saturday imposed a ban on holding

any kind of rally and bringing out procession in the capital from 6 am
The restriction will remain in force until further order, said a
notification signed by DMP Commissioner Benazir Ahmed.
Both the ruling and opposition alliances called grand rallies in Dhaka
city on October 25 in their bid to stage showdowns as the current
regime heading towards completing its tenure.
The ban was imposed on all kinds of rally, human chain, demonstration,
procession and carrying sticks, explosives, and firearms in the
capital, the DMP Commissioner said.
He said several rival political parties have already declared various
prorammes, including rallies, in the city from Sunday. Leaders of
those parties have been making provocative speeches heightening
tension among the city dwellers.
The programmes, called by the rival groups, may deteriorate the law
and order situation and pose a threat to public safety, Benazir Ahmed
The DMP Commissioner sought cooperation from all in maintaining law
and order and ensuring public safety in the metropolitan areas.
Meanwhile, BNP sought permission from the DMP for holding its grand
rally in the city on October 25.
The country is passing through a political uncertainty due to the
long-drawn stalemate over the format of the election-time government,
with the BNP-led opposition alliance sticking to its guns not to join
the upcoming election unless it is held under a non-party caretaker
government while the ruling alliance refusing to accept the demand. – UNB


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