DNA tests prove the KFC 'rat' on a man's plate was chicken after all

DNA tests prove the KFC ‘rat’ on a man’s plate was chicken after all


DNA tests have proved that a ‘fried rat’ that had apparently landed up on the plate of an American sitting for a meal was indeed a piece of chicken all along, reports independent.co.uk.Well, it seems the ‘rat’ is finally out of the bag.On June 11, Devorise Dixon, 25, from California, had shared pictures and a video of what he claimed was a deep-fried rat that appeared to be coated with KFC breading.The images, suspiciously, did seem to show the shape of a rat with a tail thrown in.Dixon in his Facebook profile had written that he had spoken to the KFC outlet manager.He said the manager had admitted to serving Dixon a rat and apologised – a claim the global fast-food chain refuted.Dixon became popular on Facebook overnight since he shared the ‘rat’ picture that went viral. In a post, he gave his version of the story advising the people to avoid eating fast food.He went on that he had gone to a local outlet in Compton and bought a three-piece chicken tender.“As I bit into it I noticed that it was very hard and rubbery which made me look at it,” he wrote. “As I looked down at it I noticed that it was in a shape of a rat with a tail.”The picture and Dixon’s version of his morbid experience had taken the social media by storm.But KFC, the food giant, maintained the entire episode was a ‘hoax’.To salvage its reputation, KFC had Dixon’s lawyer send the piece of fried food to a neutral laboratory for analysis.And the report is just out. DNA tests have confirmed, says the Independent, that the shocking fry on Dixon’s plate, though evidently rodent-shaped, was chicken beyond doubt.


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