Doctors' group condemns attacks on journalists

Doctors’ group condemns attacks on journalists


A left-leaning doctors’ group has condemned the attacks on journalists by doctors at different hospitals.
Bangladesh Chikitshak Sangsad in a media release on Saturday also condemned attacks on doctors at capital Dhaka’s Birdem Hospital.
It observed that such attacks on journalists had “tarnished image” of doctors in the society, though “larger section” of the doctors was not involved.It alleged “a vested interest” behind the journalists’ attacks at Mitford Hospital and Rajshahi Medical College Hospital.
“They, the vested quarter, just used the intern doctors,” the group said and called upon all not to fall into the trap of any conspiracies.
The Chikitshak Sangsad met in a discussion at Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujib Medical University on Saturday. The discussion was chaired by Professor Ahmed Abu Salef.
Dr M Mushtuq Husain, Dr Abdul Hanif Tablu, Dr Mohammad Iqbal and Dr Enam Ahmed took part at the discussion.
They observed that the attacks on journalists were aimed at diverting the attacks on doctors at Birdem hospital.
They hoped that the committed formed by the health ministry to investigate those attacks would be able to find out main perpetrators.
They also observed that highest authorities in the government always blame doctors for the chaos in the entire health sector, only to gain “cheap popularity”.
But their statements demean doctors’ image in the society and incite some quarters to attack doctors.
Such statements created anger among the doctors, they said.
They called upon the members of the two professions – doctors and journalists – to solve any problems through


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