'Dohon' trailer gets one million views

‘Dohon’ trailer gets one million views


 Entertainment Desk
“Dohon,” the much talked about film produced by Jaaz Multimedia, has made a new record since the production house released a thriller trailer on YouTube earlier this week. In 24 hours the trailer received one million views, and more than 4000 shares on Facebook.
The trailer was released on the official YouTube channel of Jaaz Multimedia, and their official Facebook page on Thursday.
Jaaz Multimedia revealed the statistics in a recent Facebook post, and they have requested audiences to watch the film in theatres to understand the climax of the most awaited movie of the year.
In the post they have also said the film features a total of five songs, of which three will be released online.
The film, starring Siam and Puja, will be released on theatres on November 30 nationwide. The film will also be released in Canada and the US, and various countries of the Middle East.
In a press conference held at AFDC on Thursday, Abdul Aziz, owner of Jaaz Multimedia, said tickets are already sold out in those countries.
Raihan Rafi directed the film while Mohammad Kalam edited it. Akash was the music composer for “ Dohon.”


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