'Don't dress like Kim Kardashian' says Queen's University Belfast

‘Don’t dress like Kim Kardashian’ says Queen’s University Belfast



Queen’s University in Belfast has been given a dressing down for advising women not to style themselves like Kim Kardashian West at graduations.
An article on its website said women should “think Grace Kelly, not Kim Kardashian”.
It also said “short skirts and cleavage” are “out of the question”.An email to Queen’s, reported by the Belfast Telegraph, said the advice was “like something that would be handed down in a convent”.
It said: “Are we not a bit more mature than making cleavage out to be ‘bad’ or even ‘sacrosanct’? I feel massively condescended to and genuinely offended to be offered this advice.”
The article, which offered advice to both men and women, is not currently on the Queen’s website.
The university has said it is a “dynamic webpage which is constantly updated” and that the site “includes news, tips and information for graduation students”.
Queen’s does not have a compulsory dress code for graduations.
Kardashian West, who is married to rapper Kanye West, became a household name following reality TV series Keeping Up With The Kardashians and has also previously been a model.
The style advice was written by Queen’s graduate Thom Dickerson, who runs a private tailoring company.
The article begins with advice to men and said that they should stick to “leather and dark shades” when it comes to shoes.
It added: “A tie should be worn, not bow tie. If you have represented the university at sport and received a club tie for hockey or rugby, I would recommend you wear this. Stick to a Windsor, four in one hand or Trinity knot.”
The article goes on to state that the “biggest mistake I see at graduation is girls treating the event like a night out”.
“Graduation is a formal event and the dress code should match this.
“Short skirts and cleavage on show are totally out of the question.
“Think Grace Kelly, not Kim Kardashian, at least until the day is done: you can always change before heading out.”
The Belfast Telegraph reported that an email sent from a postgraduate student said the advice “gives legitimacy to the stereotype that university education is for the middle classes”.
“As a woman, however, the part I find utterly deplorable is the way in which it advises how to dress.
“Being told what to wear, being judged for our attire and being told certain attire says certain things about you as a woman is still a daily occurrence.”
The email added: “Looking to the comparisons the university has made here, it’s pretty degrading.
“The reserved, conservative Grace Kelly is the example of ‘good’ while the ‘louder’ more ‘risque’ Kim Kardashian is ‘bad’?
“Isn’t that the same old, same old we’ve been trying to rally against for years now?” – BBC


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