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Dreamed Padma Bridge coming true!


With the inauguration of the river training work of Padma multipurpose bridge by Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina on December 12, 2015, the dream bridge project has started moving towards materialization. People around the area and in fact all the people of Bangladesh are happy to see their dreamed bridge coming true. The Padma Bridge is expected to boost the country’s economy.Meanwhile according to the environment impact assessment (EIA) report for the bridge project, migration of juvenile hilsa will be seriously hampered during the construction due to mechanical disturbances. As reported there might be some adverse effects on the fish habitat particularly of Hilsa even after the completion and commissioning of the Padma Bridge. Of course the present government has already taken some pragmatic measures to protect fish habitat in the rivers and the result is very encouraging. In order to minimizing the side effects of Padma bridge construction on fish habitat, I think our national experts in consultation with reputed international experts would take appropriate measures.
Construction of Padma Bridge is a great challenge to Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina and her Government. I sincerely wish successful implementation of the project and timely commissioning of the Padma Bridge. Undoubtedly this bridge will contribute enormously towards the welfare of the people and socio-economic development of Bangladesh.
Yours truly,
Professor M Zahidul Haque
Department of Agricultural Extension & Information System
Sher-e-Bangla Agricultural University


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