DU snaps ties with Pakistani institutions

DU snaps ties with Pakistani institutions


Dhaka University has decided to sever ties with Pakistani educational institutions.The decision was taken at a DU Syndicate meeting on Monday afternoon to mark the Intellectuals Martyrs Day.The proposal to cut off Dhaka University’s relations with Pakistani educational institutions was moved in the meeting just after it had begun at around 3pm.Following the meeting, which continued until 4:30pm, Vice-Chancellor AAMS Arefin Siddique told reporters that the Syndicate had decided to snap all sorts of relations between the Dhaka University and Pakistani universities.Earlier, Siddique told bdnews24.com that Bengalees would never forget the devilish murders of the country’s intellectuals committed at the fag end of the 1971 Liberation War.He said, “The demand for the trial of those involved in these murders is a demand of the people of Bangladesh, the demand of the Dhaka University family and of the families of the martyrs.”The nation is observing Intellectual Martyrs Day on Monday in memory of the intellectuals who had fallen victims to the brutal Pakistani military regime and its local quislings on the eve of victory in 1971.

On December 14, 1971, the Pakistani occupation forces and their cohorts, in a pre-meditated orgy of violence, killed university teachers, doctors, artists, writers, journalists and other eminent Bengalees after picking them up from their homes in Dhaka.The vice-chancellor said, “We think the time has come to snap relations with Pakistan because its army committed the mass killings in ’71 and yet Pakistan has denied the truth.In such a situation, we don’t want to maintain any relations with Pakistan. We’re thinking of severing all ties between Dhaka University and Pakistan.”Earlier on Dec 1, Siddique had announced at a function in the capital that Dhaka University would not maintain any ties with Pakistan. “No more students of the (Dhaka) university will go to Pakistan,” he said.


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