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Duty-free rice import intended to benefit AL traders: Bnp


BNP on Monday alleged that the government is importing duty-free rice affecting the country’s farmers only to create scopes for pro-ruling party businessmen to make quick buck.
“On one hand the government is carrying out propaganda that it has attained food autarky and importing rice on then other. The unscrupulous ruling party businessmen are importing old rice with low price taking the duty-free advantage depriving local farmers of the due prices of their produce,” said BNP spokesman Asaduzzaman Ripon.He further said, “We want to ask the government whether they’ve given ruling-party businessmen a freehand to make money through duty-free rice import? Are they getting farmer friendly or destroying the farmers?”
Ripon, BNP international affairs secretary, came up with the remarks at a press briefing at the party’s Nayapaltan central office.
He demanded the government stop the duty-free rice import to ensure the fair price of rice for local farmers.
The BNP leader said the government imported 13.13 lakh metric tonnes rice in the current fiscal year though it claimed that the country has attained food autarky.
Ripon said the country’s farmers will be discouraged in the future to grow rice if they do not get fair prices of their produces which will ultimately pose a serious threat to food autarky.
He also denounced the police attacks on Chhatra Union activists on Sunday as they tried to lay a siege to the DMP headquarters protesting assaults on women on the Dhaka University campus on April 14. – UNB


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