Elephant refuses to sleep on Forest Department's tranquiliser

Elephant refuses to sleep on Forest Department’s tranquiliser


Dhaka – Despite firing a dart from their tranquiliser gun in a desperate bid to trap the wild elephant from India stranded on the sand bars of Jamuna near Sharishabari of Upzila early yesterday, the Bangladesh forest department(BFD) wildlife crime prevention unit men could not put the huge beast to sleep.Witnesses said, the darts were fired when the Pachyderm walked into a dry place at dawn.
But Asim Mullick, an Inspector of the wild life circles crime prevention unit leading the 17-member rescuers that hundreds of curious crowd following his team made such a noise, beating drums and canisters, flashing their torch lights to keep the beast away from the shore and run around wildly fearing it would damage their homesteads and crops.
The noise prompted the elephant shake off the tranquilising affects of the dart which would have take some time to put it to sleep and waded back to the knee-deep water of the river, Mullick told The Independent Jamalpur correspondent.
But we would not give up rather we would try to tranquilise it again later in the night after following it to leave behind the curious crowd,Mullick said.
Earlier, a group of forest officials from the Assam forest department of India who came to Sharishabari last week to take the elephantback after trapping it with tranquiliser gun left the place on Sunday for Dhaka on their way back home giving up the efforts to take the elephant back finding it too difficult to dart it down in water that would leave the animal drowned.
The huge nearly five tonnes animal was washed away by swift currents of a flooded Brahmaputra from an Assam forest after it got separated from its herd on June 27 and landed in a char land ofGaibandha.
From there it hop stepped from one char to another eventually got stranded at a char land in Sharishabari of Jamalpur.
Eventually it may be released among a pack of wild elephants who roam the Ghazni forest in the Garo hills of Sherpur, the nearby district of Jamalpur if it was possible to capture it alive after tranquilising it in a high, dry land, authoritative sources told The Independent on Sunday. – Staff Reporter


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