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Ershad sees big chance for Jatiya Party


Deposed president HM Ershad sees a ‘big opportunity’ for Jatiya Party to grow its political influence in the current context. The Prime Minister’s Special Envoy has directed his supporters to gather organisational strength at an interaction with Rangpur Division leaders and activists.“The people don’t want the ruling party to continue. Their popularity has dropped to zero,” he said in a dig to the Awami League – the party that orchestrated his downfall in 1990 and with whom he shares power.“This presents us with a big opportunity and we have to make the most of it. Or else, we too will face an existential crisis,” he commented at his Banani party office in Dhaka on Sunday.His party plays a peculiar dual role in Parliament – it is the largest opposition there but has representation in Sheikh Hasina’s Cabinet after the BNP-boycotted general election on 2014.“Remember” the chairman told supporters of greater Rangpur – a stronghold of Jatiya Party, “Nobody reaches out to the weak, we have no friends.“We are our friends. Be strong, make the organisation strong. If we are powerful, everybody will make friends with us, we will be in demand.”
The former military dictator said two foreigners were killed because there was no rule of law in Bangladesh.“People are not getting justice. Foreign nationals are getting killed. Foreign readymade garment buyers are not coming here.“BGB now patrol the streets. But will it bring peace to the mind of the people,” he asked the government.General Ershad said democracy was absent in Bangladesh and only Jatiya Party can restore ‘real’ democracy.“We will prove it in the next election,” he said.Secretary-General Ziauddin Bablu, Presidum members Mashiur Rahman Ranga and GM Quader were among those present in the meeting.


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