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EU approves additional EUR 50 million for pry education


The European Commission has announced the approval of EUR 50 million to the primary education sector of Bangladesh. This funding under the 2015 budget is in addition to the ongoing EU contribution to the sector which makes the European Union the second largest grant provider for the Third Primary Education Development Programme (PEDP 3), according to an EU press release issued in Dhaka On Thursday.The primary education sector remains a priority for EU cooperation in Bangladesh. The European Union is committed to support the reform initiatives and implementation of the National Education Policy (2010) through its partnership with the Government and the civil society.
“Education is one of the strong pillars for development and primary education lays the foundation of it” said the EU Ambassador Pierre Mayaudon on the occasion.  “Bangladesh has in recent years made some impressive achievements in terms of access to education. However, more concerted effort of all the partners is required to implement the National Education Policy and ensuring high quality basic education for all , leaving no single child behind” he added.
While the European Union expresses its appreciation for the work undertaken so far by the different stakeholders, it also highlights the scope for further improvements. The Sustainable Development Goals form a conducive framework for future interventions in the education sector.
The European Union also underlines its intention to continue and expand the collaboration with the Government of Bangladesh through the Budget Support instrument that allows using the country system in the education sector and beyond. A robust policy dialogue will be one of the guarantees for the future intervention to provide maximum benefit to the youth, the press release said.


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