Europe launches two more Galileo satellites

Europe launches two more Galileo satellites


Friday’s launch, at 0208 GMT, takes the number of satellites sent up to 10 out of a planned total of 30.

“The day of Galileo’s full operational capability is approaching,” Jan Woerner, Director General of ESA, said in a statement on Friday.

“It will be a great day for Europe.”

The Galileo project suffered a setback last year after two satellites were set in an incorrect orbit. They were later nudged into a more viable position.

The satellites were sent up Friday on board a Russian Soyuz launcher and reached their target orbit almost four hours after lift-off.

ESA plans to launch two further Galileo satellites this year.

From next year, Galileo satellites will take off on board a European Ariane rocket launcher that can send up four, rather than two, satellites with a single launch


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