Facebook based entrepreneurs in trouble

Facebook based entrepreneurs in trouble


As the government continues to keep Facebook banned for ‘security reasons’, small entrepreneurs and freelancers whose businesses are based on the social networking site are beginning to feel the pinch.Many of those hit by the ban have said that their dreams have already begun to come apart after they have embarked on their work with little investments.Freelancer Saidul Islam, who has taken outsourcing as a mode to earn money, said, “We, who are outsourcing on a small basis, are totally finished.”“All our work came through Facebook. Now we are broke as the site is blocked,” he added.Islam said his clients were now hiring hands from India.“It has caused long term damage to us,” he said.He said entrepreneurs like him had lost around Tk 1.2 million owing to Facebook being blocked.“Many students worked through us. It was a source of income for them,” he said. According to Islam, the students earned Tk 2,500 to 3,000 a week through him.Thakurgaon’s Tarek Alam, a tailor, said his customers had ordered dresses by selecting designs from his Facebook page.“Since Facebook is now closed, my orders have stopped coming,” he said.

It may be recalled that Bangladesh got disconnected from the World Wide Web for around one and a half hours on Nov 18.The internet connection was restored but people still cannot use Facebook, its messaging app and some other communication apps.The government has said it has blocked this site and apps for ‘security reasons’.


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