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Fair municipality election is a great concern


For the first time the mayoral elections in 234 municipalities will be held on a party basis on December 30 next. But, Sujan as well as many people in Bangladesh are very much doubtful about the fair the elections under the system. Sujan has made an observation report which pointed out 6 doubts. First, despite adequate manpower of the election commission, 175 returning officers have been recruited out of 234 which equals seventy five percents of the total. Secondly, it claimed that many prospective candidates were not able to submit their nomination papers due to threat by the ruling party members and some nomination papers were snatched away. Thirdly, in three municipalities AL candidates made niminations valid violating the rule. Irregularities have been found in many cases.
The authorities should eye on addressing the said issues at soonest otherwise the government will face the consequences in the future of failed election.
Mawduda Hasnin


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