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Fair polls not possible under current EC: Sujan


Dhaka – Observing that the current Election Commission (EC) has outshined the MA Aziz-led one, Sujan general secretary Badiul Alam Mazumder on Tuesday said the Commission is the main obstacle towards holding a free and fair election, unb news agency reported.
Speaking at a press conference, he also said the EC has proved that no fair polls, even at the Union Parishad level, are possible to hold under a partisan government.Sushashoner Jonno Nagorik (Sujan) arranged the press conference at Dhaka Reporters Unity (DRU) on the ongoing Union Parishd election.
“Considering the overall situation, we think the current EC is the main barrier to a free and fair election. In fact, this EC has outshined the MA Aziz-led one,” Badiul Alam said.
He said the main allegation against the MA Aziz Commission during the BNP-led government that it had included over one crore voters in the voter list and not taken any step to correct it.
“But that the Commission did not destroy our election system and no question was raised about the elec*tion it had held then. The current commission has ruined our entire election system which is an ominous sign for the nation,” he added.
The Sujan secretary also observed that the Election Commission has lost its control over the election system due to its biased role and incompetence. “Now it won’t be able to restore its control on it, even if tries.”
He further said, “We think this Commission through its activities and role has proved that no fair elections, even the UP ones, are possible under a party government which is a matter of deep concern for us.”
Badiul Alam said the first two phases of UP polls were neither fair nor acceptable as those were marred by widespread irregularities and violence.
Replying to a question, he also said the EC should quit willingly shouldering its failure to ensure free, fair peaceful and credible polls.
The Sujan secretary also thinks that election violence would have been less had the polls not been held along the party line. “The tendency of wining the election by any means has intensified as polls are being held under party banner, causing huge violence and irregularities.”
Mentioning that peace cannot prevail in a country where elections are not held peacefully, he said the EC has put the country’s future at stake by holding such polls.
Sujan’s central committee member and media personality Mohammad Jahangir said if the current trend of widespread violence and irregularities get established and tolerated in the country’s election system, there is no possibility to hold a fair national election in 2019.
In a written speech, Sujon central committee coordinator Dilip Kumar Sarker said the second phase of election was held amid widespread violence and irregularities as it was in the first phase.
He said nine people were killed and several hundred others injured on the voting day of the second phase polls.
Dilip also said a total of 56 people were killed and around 5,000 others injured till the second phase since the announcement of schedule for the UP polls.


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