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Famous presenter Elias Hossain


Elias Hossain. On television screen he is very popular and famous presenter. He begun his carrier as a presenter by a program of CHANNEL ONE, named GOOD MORNING BANGLADESH.
Now he is a presenter of renowned bangali crime program of Ekushey Television.
Elias Hossain was born in Gazipur district. At first he come front of tv camera in a program of Bangladesh television(BTV), named ‘Notoon kuree’ competition. from the beginning he earns the attention of the judges.

Presenter Ilias Hossain

Presenter Ilias Hossain

Basically, from those program Elias Hossain dreamt to be a famous presenter and also tried heart and soul.
Consequently he took part as a presenter in different television channel. Besides television he started to perform in different stage program as a presenter.
As recognition of his work he was selected as the best presenter of the year from Daily Newspaper ‘Prothomalo’.
He also got another award from  national massmedia institute ‘NIMCO’. At present Elias Hossain is engaged with the program ‘Ekusher Chokh’ at Ekushey television.
Within a short time Elias Hossain is going to launch an international travel show and he is sole presenter of this program. Besides ekushey television he is anchor of several programmmes of Canada based bangali online tv. To be a successful presenter Elias Hossain always good creative people.
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