Film on cyclone Alia selected for Kolkata Film Festival

Film on cyclone Alia selected for Kolkata Film Festival

Cultural Correspondent  Bangladeshi documentary film, “Jholmolia – The Sacred Water” directed by Saiful Wadud Helal, will be presented in the documentary section of this year’s 22nd Kolkata international film festival which will be held in Kolkata, India from November 11 to 18th. “Jholmolia – The Sacred Water” was premiered in September in Albany’s Capital Cinema Cultural Exchange filmmakers lab 2016 in Albany, NY, USA. It then participated in the 42nd International Film Festival EKOFILM 2016 held from 13 – 15 October in Brno, Czech Republic. EKOFILM is the oldest film festival on environmental issues in Europe.Jholmolia – The Sacred Water, is an intimate observation and exploration of the life and living of people in the coastal village of Hurka in Bangladesh over a six year period in the aftermath of one Cyclone (Aila, 2009) and continue shooting till the next Cyclone alert. A few months after Aila, a group of people from the capital Dhaka were visiting Hurka for a different reason. The director was among them and filmed a unique tale surrounding a pond, Jholmolia in the village which to the astonishment of many was not drowned by the cyclone. And though the director and his mates could not mount the courage to do without a safe drinking bottles, villagers from afar came to sip from the pond filled with water-lilies.

The director about this miraculous pond says, “At some dark moment in time, this fairy tale land of salty life and sweet water might have to compensate for global warming. The told, untold tales of these marginalized people might be wiped out from the face of the earth. But before it dissipates into water, let the water-tale of these Bangladeshi people be saved up for a warmer tomorrow.”

Born in Dhaka, Bangladesh in 1967, Saiful Wadud Helal began his career as a journalist in Montreal, Canada. Since receiving a diploma in Cinema Studies and Television Production from Montreal, he has written, produced, short films, TV magazines and documentaries for various channels in Canada and abroad.





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