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For admission to tertiary learning without tests


Every government of Bangladesh has had some good works for the nation. One of the good works of the BNP government was the elimination of copying in the public examinations across the country and get back students to the reading table, along with a few others.The incumbent government has some good works as well. I would like to mention one of these is abolition of admission tests for the primary students particularly for grade one. After SSC, students are getting admitted to their colleges without admission test. So, why not for tertiary education? Now, a student has to apply so many departments even in the same public universities along with other public universities. It costs a lot for a guardian and hassles as well particularly for the girl students. Furthermore, is tertiary education needed for all? I heard that many agriculturists, engineers, physicists, chemists, mathematicians, and so on are working for banks and same for the other professions. It is just waste for money and time. We have limited resources but should use those properly.
I earnestly request to the concerned authorities to stop admission tests for the tertiary education from the next year and take initiative for recruiting bankers along with other members of other professions by advertising the qualifications as HSC or equivalent certificates.
Md. Tofazzel Hossain


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