Foreign nationals' killings covered in dark shadows

Foreign nationals’ killings covered in dark shadows


Investigating agencies are still in dark about the masteries behind the killings of two foreign nationals as there is no remarkable progress in investigations till today (Monday).
Italian national Cesare Tavella, 50, was shot dead in the city’s Gulshan area on September 28 evening, while five days later Japanese national Kunio Hoshi was shot to death by unidentified assailants in Rangpur on October 3.

Detective Branch of Dhaka Metropolitan police has been investigating into the case of Italian national killing, while Kaunia thana police of Rangpur district are investigation into Kunio Hoshi killing.

Besides, all the units of Bangladesh police, including Rapid Action Battalion (Rab), Police Bureau of Investigation (PBI) and Criminal Investigation Department have also been engaged their allout efforts to unearthed the mysteries behind the killings as international communities reacted over the killings.

High police officials, who are supervising the investigation into the cases kept their mouths tied to make any comment about progress into the inquiries.

Three committees were formed in connection with the killing of Italian national Cesare Tavella. One special investigation team was formed by the Police headquarters headed by Joint Commissioner (Detective Branch) of Dhaka Metropolitan Police Monirul Islam, while two separate committees were formed one headed by Special Super of CID Rezaul Haider, while another led by Deputy Commissioner of (DB-West) of DMP Mahbub Alam to assist the special investigation team.

Another special team was formed by Dig (Rangpur Range) to assist the investigation into the killing of Japanese citizen killing.

However, there are no headway in investigations into the both of the killings as a number of senior police officers said they are yet to get any clue of the killers involved in the sensational killings. Even they are still in dark about the motive behind the killings.

No police officers agreed to be quoted for remarks as instructions were given from their top bosses to keep their mouths tied until getting any remarkable progress in the investigations.

Contacted, Deputy Commissioner (Media) of DMP Muntashirul Islam said several teams have been working in connection with the Italian national killing giving importance to detect the case.

Director (Legal and Media wing) of Rab headquarters Mufti Mahmood Khan said “ we are trying to determine who killed the two foreign nationals.” We are trying our level best to unearth the masteries behind the killings.

DIG (Rangpur Range) Humayun Kabir said a special team, comprising senior police officers, have been formed to assist the investigation process to arrest the killers of the Japanese national.

Though there is no remarkable progress into the Kunio Hoshi killing case but the investigation has been carried out giving most importance.


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