Former UN chief Boutros-Ghali dead

Former UN chief Boutros-Ghali dead


Boutros Boutros-Ghali, a history-making diplomat who made his mark as an architect of the Camp David accords and then became the United Nations’ first African secretary-general, has died.
Rafael Ramirez Carreno, Venezuela’s U.N. ambassador and current head of the U.N. Security Council, announced Boutros-Ghali’s passing Tuesday, after which representatives from the council’s 15 current members stood for a moment of silence.

Egypt’s state-run Ahram Online reported that he died Tuesday in a hospital in the Egyptian city of Giza, where he’d been admitted days earlier after breaking his leg.
Boutros-Ghali was 93.
Current secretary-general Ban Ki-moon lauded Boutros-Ghali as “a memorable leader who rendered invaluable services to world peace and international order,” noting he stepped up during “a time when the world increasingly turned to the United Nations for solutions to its problems in the immediate aftermath of the Cold War.”
“He showed courage in posing difficult questions to the member states, and rightly insisted on the independence of his office and the Secretariat as a whole,” Ban said. “His commitment to the United Nations — its mission and its staff — was unmistakable, and the mark he has left on the organization is indelible.” – CNN


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