Gaibandha PTI adjudged as the best institute in country

Gaibandha PTI adjudged as the best institute in country


Primary Teachers’ Training Institute (PTI) at Banglabazar area of the town was adjudged as the best PTI in the country in 2015.This judgment came on the basis of performance of departmental activities by the institute.The institute was established in 1964 and since then it is providing Certificate in Education (C in Ed) training for the teachers of primary schools for a term of one year.

This year the training period extended from twelve months to 18 months and the the training has been upgraded to diploma in primary education (DPEd), said assistant superintendent Rabindranath Pramanik.At present 200 teachers including one female teacher of government primary schools of the district are taking training.They are being imparted training on how to make their teaching in class rooms fruitful, he also said.In recognition of good performance and conducting departmental activities well the Ministry of Primary and Mass Education adjudged the institute as the best PTI in the country in 2015, said instructor Milon Sarkar.Superintendent of the Institute Shamsia Akter Begum will receive the crest and certificate from Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina at Osmani Memorial Hall in Dhaka at 10am on February 4, he also said.Earlier, superintendent Shamsia Akter Begum received award from PM in 2015 as the best superintendent in the country, sources said.(BSS)


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