Govt can stop question paper leakage it it wants: Raushon

Govt can stop question paper leakage it it wants: Raushon


Opposition leader Raushon Ershad on Wednesday said the practice of frequent question paper leakage can be stopped right away if the government wants to do.

“If the government wants, it can be done. There’s nothing the government cannot do. Why isn’t the government doing it? What will be the Education Minister’s answer if he is asked this question?” Raushon wanted to know.Raushon Ershad was delivering her speech in Parliament on the closing day of the current session of parliament.

The opposition leader said she is unable to understand why the question paper is leaked so repeatedly. “When will this come to an end?”

Raushon, also the senior co-vice chairperson of Jatiya Party, alleged that those who are involved in preparing question papers are leaking those.

“Our meritorious students are getting into trouble due to this …the education system is lagging behind,” a worried Raushon told the House.She, however, claimed that the present government has been more successful compared to the ones in the past.

“In the past, no parliament had been able to complete its tenure peacefully…this government didn’t face any hartal, siege and movement,” Raushon said.

Raushon mentioned that the development works carried out under the current government was never seen during other previous governments.


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