Govt delaying Khaleda's release using tactics

Govt interference delays Khaleda’s bail: BNP alleges


The BNP on Wednesday alleged that the release of chairperson Khaleda Zia has been delayed due to interference of the government.
Secretary general Mirza Fakhrul Islam Alamgir made the allegation at a press conference at party’s central office at Naya Paltan yesterday apparently to response to the law minister who blamed the BNP lawyers for the delay.He accused the government of turning the judiciary in the country as a farcical one and said the government is resorting to different tactics to delay the bail of the chairperson, who is now in jail in a graft case.
The BNP lawyers filed the appeal with the High Court after receiving the certified copy of the verdict in Zia orphanage trust graft case of Khaleda 10 days after the verdict while the HC said that it would give directive on her bail after receiving documents from the lower court.
Mirza Alamgir described the pro-BNP lawyers very skilled and experienced in dealing with Khaleda’s case and said the government is going forward with a plot and the verdict of the case is pre-planned.
He also claimed that the government wants to prolong the imprisonment of Khaleda to keep her out of the election process.
The BNP leader termed the news that Dr Kamal Hossain rejected his proposal false and baseless.
He said the Gana Forum leader told him that he would give them legal advise after going through the verdict of the case.
Mirza Alamgir condemned the repressive measures of the government on the opposition leaders and activists saying that the BNP cannot be split by carrying out repression on them.
ON BNP letter to the Chief Election Commissioner, he said they sent the letter to convey the CEC  that the ruling Awami League is carrying out electioneering and seeking vote for boat the election symbol of the AL even before announcing the poll schedule and the opposition is no allowing to hold rallies.
He said it is the responsibility of the EC to stop one-sided electioneering and create a level playing field equally for all.
“If the EC fails to do it, it will prove that the commission is assisting the government,” he added.
Standing committee member Mirza Abbas and vice chairman Barkatullah Bulu, among others, were present at the press conference.  – Staff Reporter


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