Govt developing 1.5m people's skills to achieve SDGs

Govt developing 1.5m people’s skills to achieve SDGs


The government has been developing skill of 15 lakh people in three phases side by side with ensuring their job for achieving Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

“Every year around 13 lakh people receive training on 87 trades from 13,163 training centres, including public and private sectors, across the country,” A B M Khorshed Alam, Additional Secretary and Chief Executive Officer of National Skill Development Council (NSDC) told BSS today.

The government, he said, has fixed up a target to provide training to 20 lakh each year within 2021 and the government is providing training in different durations like 15-day, 1-month, 3-month, 6-month and 9-month and giving jobs as per requirement.

Talking to BSS, Executive Director of Skills for Employment Investment Programme (SEIP) Jalal Ahmed said the government has targeted to develop skill and up-skill of 5,02,000 trainees through public and private training institutes by 2020.

“The government’s target was to facilitate job to 60 percent of the total trainees but we have provide employment to 73 percent as the SEIP prepared curriculum as per the industrial requirement and after successfully completion of the training most of the trainees get jobs,” he said.

Jalal Ahmed said currently the number of enrollment in training is 2,35,652 including 76,008 female, while 2,00521 got certificates and 1,40,779 received employment.

The government has provided US$ 49.29 million and Swiss Development Cooperation (SDC) provided US$ 13.96 million as grant while Asian Development Bank (ADB) gave loan US$ 200 million to the SEIP, run by the finance division.

He said the SEIP gave priority on training in RMG and textile, ICT, construction, light engineering, leather and footwear, shipbuilding, healthcare (nursing and health technician), agro food processing and tourism and hospitality.

According to NSDC, the government has been implementing a 10-year ‘Skills for Employment and Investment Programme’ since 2015-16 with the target of developing skill of 15 lakh people in three phases.

It said every year around two million labour forces are being added to the labour market in the country.

The government, led by Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina, is sincerely putting the best endeavours to create employment opportunities home and abroad as well as enhance their skills and quality of work environment, it added.

In line with this policy, a 37-member National Skill Development Council (NSDC), headed by the prime minister has been formed, for coordinating the activities related to skill development, training and employment of 23 ministries/divisions and NGOs, CEO of NSDC Khorshed Alam said.

He said the government has established National Human Resource Development Fund (NHRDF) for ensuring flow of funds for skill development activities/programmes.

Over last 10 years, the government has expanded vocational and technical training infrastructures in the country. Some 30 technical training centres and five Marine Technology Institutes were established with public funds to this end.



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