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Govt has failed to prevent Rohingya influx: BNP


Dhaka – The BNP has accused the government of not taking a tough line against the forced migration of over half a million Rohingya refugees from Myanmar.
The government should have used ‘tougher language’ while addressing the crisis, said Mirza Abbas, a BNP standing committee member, during a programme at the party’s central offices in Dhaka’s Naya Paltan on Sunday.
The number of new Rohingya arrivals following the latest army crackdown in Rakhine has topped 500,000 in over a month, forming the largest exodus of the stateless Muslims fleeing persecution in the Buddhist-majority country.
Myanmar’s army launched the ‘cleansing operation’ in Rakhine’s Rohingya villages allegedly in response to an attack by Arakan Salvation Army insurgents who attacked 30 security posts on Aug 25 reportedly killing 12 policemen.
Hundreds of the minorities have died in the latest assault in Rakhine, and those who have managed to flee to Bangladesh said Myanmar soldiers have fired at them indiscriminately, and along with Burmese locals looted and set fire to their homes.
International rights groups reported the mass rape of Rohingya women by Myanmar soldiers who, according to the UN, were carrying out “a textbook case of ethnic cleansing”.                                                                                                  The government — if it had acted strongly when Myanmar started sending Rohingyas to Bangladesh — could have said that no Rohingyas will be allowed in, no Rohingyas must be harmed.
If the government had taken that stance, the Myanmar government would not have dared to send the Rohingyas to Bangladesh, said Abbas.
Mirza Abbas criticised Bangladesh’s other neighbour India for its stance on the issue. “Myanmar has been slaughtering these people, but India said it still stands with Myanmar. But it also told us that it stands with us over the Rohingya problem.”
“Let me be clear, we don’t need anyone to stand by us for the Rohingya issue. The issue is Myanmar, the issue is about sending them back.” – GW Newsdesk and agencies


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