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Govt is misleading people by distorting Khaleda Zia’s statement: Fakhrul


The BNP yesterday accused the ruling Awami League of distorting party chairperson Khaleda Zia’s statement in the party’s just concluded council.“It is regretful that the government is misleading the people by distorting the statement of chairperson Khaleda Zia instead of not conveying to the council of a major political party,” said party acting secretary general Mirza Fakhrul Islam Alamgir.

Addressing a press conference at party central office at Naya Paltan, he said Khaleda told the council that the next election would be held under a neutral government without the Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina.

The BNP leader’s remarks came following the Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina on Sunday wanted to know whether Khaleda was planning to kill her through August 21 like grade attack or other means to hold election without her. In her council speech, Khaleda Zia had said the next election will be held dropping Sheikh Hasina.

“This is our expectation. Sheikh Hasina must take part in that election,” said Fakhrul hoping that the AL would refrain from spreading such propaganda from now on.

He alleged that the government ministers are making statements threatening the BNP chairperson and said these would help destroying the political atmosphere.

The BNP leader claimed that in true sense, the party chairperson wants a congenial atmosphere is created coming out from politics of vengeance.

“That’s why the wants to resolve the current political impasse through talks.

On outcome of the national council, Fakhrul said party leaders and activists have been rejuvenated through the council. “It has set up an example of positive politics,” he said.

Standing committee member Nazrul Islam Khan, among others, was present on the occasion.


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