'Govt wants to destroy Manch', alleged Imran H Sarkar

‘Govt wants to destroy Manch’, alleged Imran H Sarkar


The government wants to ‘silence’ the Ganajagaran Manch movement since
it no longer serves the interests of the ruling party, Imran H Sarker
has alleged.
Sarker was removed as the Ganajagaran spokesperson on Saturday
afternoon by others in the group.In his defence, Sarker said, “The [ruling]Awami League and its
affiliates have been saying that the Manch is no longer needed.”
He said the recent attacks by Chhatra League activists and police on
Manch activists at Shahbagh and the press conference on Saturday where
he was declared removed as spokesperson appeared to be part of a plan.
“It is obvious that the government wants to silence the Manch’s voice
and destroy it,” Sarker claimed.
He alleged that the ruling party affiliates were upset with the Manch
because it was protesting the delay in the war crimes trials.
“I don’t know many of those who were present at the Saturday press
conference. But I am told a top Awami League leader was responsible
for organising it. Most of those at the press conference are connected
to the Awami League and its affiliates,” Imran Sarker said.
He said the Hifazat-e Islam chief Ahmad Shafi’s Friday statement also
gave enough indication of the government’s position on the Ganajagaran
“Since I am the target of all the diatribe as spokesperson of the
Manch, I think I have greater responsibility for the people,” Sarker
Two activists were injured in a clash on April 3 between the Manch and
another Shahbagh based group.
Amid allegations flying back and forth, Imran Sarker was blamed for
factional feuds on Friday by leaders of five student groups believed
to be close to the ruling party.-bdnews24.com


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